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AWR - An Introduction

Dr Eham Arora
14 Aug 30 Views
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Ventral Hernia - Case based discussion

Dr Jignesh Gandhi
14 Aug 31 Views
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Mini Laparoscopic E-TEP Repair For Bilateral Inguinal Hernia

Dr Rahul Mahadar
25 Jun 21 Views
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Large Irreducible Inguinal Hernia E-TEP Repair

Dr Rahul Mahadar
25 Jun 37 Views
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Anatomy of Laparoscopic Fundoplication Surgery

Dr Roy Patankar
17 Jun 19 Views
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Robotic Foregut Surgery

Dr Prakash Gatta
17 Jun 7 Views
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Clinical Scenarios in AWR Practice

Dr B Ramana
28 May 17 Views
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TAPP Step by Step

Dr Pramod Shinde
28 May 41 Views
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XI Robotic ETEP Incisional hernia repair

Dr Rockson Liu
28 May 16 Views
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Totally Extra Peritoneal Inguinal Hernia

Dr Ashok Dhonde,Dr Chinmay Gandhi
09 May 52 Views
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Laparoscopic TEP after Robotic Prostatectomy

Dr Andrew B Lederman
08 May 16 Views
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Chasing Shadows A Hernia Surgeons Guide to Reading Abdominal CT Scans

Dr Eric M Pauli
07 May 31 Views
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Wound Closure and Prevention of Hernia

Dr Ramesh Punjani
06 May 31 Views
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TEP Inguinal Repair

Dr Ramesh Punjani
06 May 25 Views
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Transverse Abdominis Release for Complex Ventral Hernia with Loss of Domain

Dr Ramesh Punjani
06 May 28 Views